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This page contains names of human rights organizations, other organizations doing substantial amounts of human rights work, and resources (such as libraries and internet-based information) of use to human rights activists and researchers.

Two categories of resources are listed -- international and regional/national. Within the international group, resources are listed alphabetically. Within the regional/national group, resources are listed by region and by country, and within each region or country are alphabetized. For a brief description of a resource, select the bullet. To connect directly to the resource, select the title.


Newsgroups and Mailing Lists

International Human Rights Organizations and Resources

Human Rights Organizations

o Amnesty International
o Amnesty International/International Secretariat
o Amnesty International USA
o Amnesty International CD On-Line at Organic
o Committee to Protect Journalists
o The Electronic Frontier Foundation
o Fourth World Documentation Project
o Freedom House
o GlobalVision's "Rights and Wrongs" Human Rights Television News Magazine
o Human Rights Watch
o Lawyer's Committee for Human Rights
o PEN International Writer's Union
o Physicians for Human Rights

UN and Government Human Rights Sites

o The Global Democracy Network Gopher
o United Nations Gopher
o United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
o US State Department Human Rights Practices Reports

Other Human Rights Resources

o DIANA Human Rights Database
o The Electronic Democracy Information Network Gopher
o The File Room: A Record of Censored Works
o The Holocaust Rescuers' Bibliography
o The Human Rights Brief Journal
o International Student Festival in Trondheim
o Multilateral Documents and Conventions
o One World Online
o Peacenet
o Reebok Human Rights Awards Page

Regional and National Human Rights Organizations and Resources

Australia and the Pacific Islands
Middle East
North America
South America

Email Lists and Newsgroups

Mailing Lists

A good source of information for Human Rights researchers is the Human Rights Research mailing list. This list is closed, which means that the list owner must approve you for membership.

To subscribe, send email to, with any subject line, and the following line in the body of your message:

         Subscribe HRS-L YourFirstName YourLastName

Your subscription will be sent to the list owner for approval.

Thereafter, to post messages to this list, send your email to:


Another resource is the Usenet newsgroup soc.rights.human. If you have a question about a particular group or issue, you can post here and get lots of answers. The soc.culture.* hierarchy can be helpful if you want to learn about a particular country or region, and the soc.religion.* hierarchy can be helpful if you need ot learn about a particular religion or sect.

International Human Rights Organizations and Resources

Human Rights Organizations

Amnesty International

Amnesty International/International Secretariat

This is the official WWW Site for Amnesty International, and is a joint effort of the International Secretariat, AI's permanent international administrative office, and the Canadian National Section/English Speaking (ESCS). This site is by far the most complete and contains a wealth of information, searchable databases, on-line reports, press releases, and other material.

Amnesty International USA

This is the official site of Amnesty International U.S.A., and one of the two most informative Amnesty International Sites on the WWW at present. It includes information about AI, on-line documents, contact information for AI National Sections and Local Groups worldwide, and a database of information on all publicly-available AI reports and documents in print, with information on how to order them. Other information is added and the site updated frequently.

Amnesty International CD-ROM Online at Organic

This WWW Site was developed by the same people who put together the AI CD-ROM disk, and contains much of the same material. This is an excellent introduction to Amnesty International's work, and is a visually attractive site. It does not contain much information for human rights researchers.

Committee to Protect Journalists

An organization founded and sponsored by journalists to protect their fellow journalists from human rights abuses.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Electronic Frontier Foundation was founded to promote and extend the concept of civil liberties to on-line communications. While the EFF is a U.S.-based group whose main focus is on U.S. law, the information at this site also applies to many other countries and the site contains links to EFF's "sister organizations" in other countries.

Fourth World Documentation Project

The Fourth World Documentation Project, part of the Center for World Indigenous Studies, follows human rights and other issues involving indigenous people all over the world. This is an unusually thorough source of on-line information, most of it well-researched and in a clean, easily read format. Highly recommended.

Freedom House

Freedom House researches and documents the ebb and flow of respect for freedom and human rights by governments all over the world.

GlobalVision's "Rights and Wrongs" Human Rights Television News Magazine

GlobalVision produces this informative WWW site on their weekly television news magazine, "Rights and Wrongs", about human rights topics around the world.

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch, founded in 1978 as Helsinki Watch, is a coalition formed by a number of independent regional human rights groups. The Human Rights Watch gopher contains information about Human Rights Watch itself and extensive information about human rights conditions sorted by country and region.

The Lawyer's Committee for Human Rights (LCHR)

This is a group of attorneys working to promote respect for human rights by law and in enforcement of laws relating to human rights.


PEN is the international union of writers and journalists, and works to promote human rights and particularly freedom of speech and expression.

Physicians for Human Rights

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) is an organization of health professionals, scientists, and concerned citizens that uses the knowledge and skills of the medical and forensic sciences to investigate and prevent violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.

UN and Government Human Rights Sites

The Global Democracy Network

The Global Democracy Network (GDN) is operated by the United States' Congressional Human Rights Foundation in order to provide the Internet community with information related to human rights and democracy.

United Nations Gopher

The official gopher of the United Nations. Human Rights and other UN information.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The official home page for the UNHCR. Contains refugee and nationality legislation from over one hundread countries, a huge number of international conventions, such as the Rights of the Child, etc.

United States State Department Human Rights Practices Reports

The United States government's human rights reports.

Human Rights Resources

DIANA Human Rights Database

A project of the Urban Morgan Human Rights Institute at the University of Cincinnati College of Law and the Schell Memorial Human Rights Institute of Yale Law School to put up SGML/HTML versions of all international human rights instruments and extensive bibliographies on human rights.

The Electronic Democracy Information Network Gopher

Links to an enormous amount of United Nations, United States, and nongovernmental organization (NGO) human rights documents. Many documents posted here appear to have been scanned and not proofread prior to posting, so expect some typos and scanning anomalies.

The File Room: A Record of Censored Works

Information about censorship through history in various human societies.

The Holocaust Rescuers' Bibliography

Memorial display of the "Righteous Among Nations", those people of all religions, nationalities, and backgrounds who helped rescue Hitler's victims.

The Human Rights Brief Journal

American University's Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law makes this electronic copy of its Human Rights Brief Journal available to the Internet.

International Student Festival in Trondheim

The International Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway, has as its theme this year Human rights. Most of this page is in English, and it has a number of links to other resources.

Multilateral Human Rights Documents and Conventions

The Fletcher School of International Relations at Tufts University hosts this collection of international and multilateral treaties and agreements, many of them concerning human rights.

One World Online

OneWorld Online aims to become a dynamic meeting place and information resource center on issues of global justice and human sustainable development. It was started by the One World Broadcasting Trust, which works to link broadcasters and the One World Community, and now has 22 NGO and media partners in the UK.

Peacenet WWW Home Page

Peacenet Gopher

Peacenet is the first and largest international computer network for activists in peace, human rights, and related issues. These WWW and gopher sites contain information about a number of human rights, peace, environment, and other "progressive" (mostly liberal/leftist) issues.

Reebok Human Rights Awards Page

Reebock International is the only corporation I know of which actively sponsors human rights activities of its own. The Reebok Human Rights Awards Page contains brief biographies and photographs of human rights activists all over the world.

Regional Organizations and Resources


Asian Human Rights Organizations

Australian and Pacific Islands Human Rights Organizations

European Human Rights Organizations

Middle Eastern Human Rights Organizations

North American Human Rights Organizations

South American Human Rights Organizations

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